Sea Source Seafood Shop | Kilkeel

Fresh, sustainable, wild caught, seafood – daily

About our Seafood Shop

The shop is owned by the Sea Source fishermen’s co-operative, which means that we catch it, land it and sell it fresh direct to you. Our staff are all friends and relatives. So you’re getting a ‘From sea to plate’ experience, direct from source, with more money going direct into the fishing community. Buying from us helps to support our fishing communities. Our seafood is sustainable, wild caught and we’re proud to say – world class!

Located a stones throw from Kilkeel Harbour, we also like to boast that our seafood shop has the freshest seafood in Northern Ireland on account of it takes the van just over 2 minutes to get the seafood from the processing factory to the shop. Locals to the Mourne region benefit in that they can get it into the pan quicker than anyone else, which is why our Mourne seafood restaurants are some of the best on the Island of Ireland. It doesn’t get any fresher!

Located on Newcastle Street, Kilkeel

Inside the shop: see the people from our co-operative who catch the seafood we sell

What can we offer you?

  • Fresh seafood, daily
  • Our ‘Fresh catch update’ section or email (coming soon) will tell you what’s about to be landed so you can pre-order
  • You can pre-order via phone/email or under our ‘Click & Collect’ or ‘Call & Collect’ service
  • Recipes, free guides on how to fillet / prepare your seafood and education on the species
  • If you’re a local artist we have a community project on the wall, literally, a live art wall that showcases local artists every 3 months
  • We believe the friendliest staff in the world! Connected into the fishing families they’re a good craic and a good chat

… so call in and see us when you’re passing next.

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