Sea Source TV

Sea Source TV | Community Digital TV Project

Sea Source TV is the community digital TV project for Sea Source, a fishing co-operative in Northern Ireland. The channel is housed on YouTube.

The ambition

Sea Source generates profits which are put back directly into the fishing community, so we have created a digital platform for our fishing communities. The ambition here is to create a showcase for local filmmakers, young and old, who want to develop their skills and use the channel to either bring in paid work or act as a stepping stone on their career path. Under direction from our site editors they give their time for free to create films and promotional videos for the local fishing communities that add value to the community. In return we will do our bit to help people launch film & digital content businesses by giving them serious showcases through our platform.

Young & start-up filmmakers

We recognise that the barriers for many to get started are the costs and access to equipment and the access to a pipeline of paid work. Our ambition is to generate profits to fund equipment which can be lent out for free, similar to a library, to our local filmmakers group, giving them the tools to do the job. We will also bring in experts to run workshops to help develop the talent pool in the Mourne region.

Build it and they will come!

Success to us is the growth of a small, maybe niche, creative economy in the Mourne region – filmmakers, coders, designers, photographers, artists, musicians, web developers – who can sustain small businesses in the area, feeding off the talented youngsters coming out of our schools. We recognise, and have indeed witnessed, that not all of our youngsters want to go into fishing. It’s important that they stay, it’s important that there are jobs in sectors which have future potential … so this is our plan to help in that space.

How to connect

For Mourne Young Filmmakers and Mourne Young Creatives (design, code, photography, music…) please email Jenna Stevenson at MADE in Mourne
To request a quote for a fishing related film or video, email here
To request a quote for a film/video from our group, email here