Sea Source Offshore

Fishing communities supporting the offshore energy and assets sector

What is Sea Source Offshore?

Sea Source is a fishermen’s co-operative, based in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland. Sea Source Offshore is the ‘Offshore Services Division’ of the Sea Source Group. Sea Source Offshore profits are fed back into the co-operative, which in turn make their way directly into the fishing communities we support. Since it was first established millions of pounds have been generated and fed back into the local community.

The 4 elements of Sea Source Offshore

  1. Marine Asset Protection | Our members are employed by the offshore asset sector (renewable energy, underwater cables etc) to protect assets
  2. Marine Tech | We develop our own tech solutions and bring them to market
  3. Marine Data | The data we collect through our tech solutions has a value, which we sell to the market
  4. Marine Observation & Conservation | Our vessels and skilled fishermen with local knowledge are hired to assist with observation and conservation projects


Contact Sea Source Offshore

Sea Source Offshore
The Harbour, Kilkeel, Northern Ireland BT34 4AX
Telephone: +44 (0)28 4176 2855 | Email:

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