Sea Source is a fishing co-operative based in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland. We land ~60% of the catch in Northern Ireland – Langoustine Prawns, King & Queen Scallops and white fish – are are able to wholesale to the UK, Ireland and around the world. The deep, clean waters of the Irish Sea in the North East Atlantic off the Northern Ireland coast are an ideal breeding ground for world class species.

Sea Source Wholesale

Our strapline is ‘world class, every time’. This isn’t a gimmick, it’s not a few words to fill out a logo. It’s a promise built on a philosophy. And a guarantee we proudly give to you. Our promise is also to achieve ‘100%’ perfect i.e. either we deliver 100% perfection, or we fail. And that’s the hard line we take, because we know that to sustain our fishing fleet and our community for the future we can’t just be ‘good’, we need to be the ‘best’.

So how do we deliver you ‘world class, every time’?

Our 6P Philosophy: People, Place, Product, Pride, Philosophy, Promise

We employ our community, friends and family, people we look after, keep safe, train up and who ultimately benefit from the success of the commercial side of the business they are part of.

The deep waters of the Irish Sea and the North East Atlantic make Northern Ireland location for some spectacular species.

In addition to our white fish we have magnificent Dublin Bay Prawn, latin name: Nephrops norvegicus, a member of the lobster family, known locally as The Clochy from the gaelic, also known as the Norway Lobster; and impressive queen scallop (Aequipecten opercularis) and Pecten maximus – known as the great scallop, king scallop, St James shell or escallop – the Northern Irish version is known as the Murini, from the Gaelic.

Pride, philosophy & promise
As a fishing co-operative we catch it, land it, process it, sell it and distribute it. We are in control of the whole process, which means as long as we take full care to get it right, you will be delivered a pristine, world class product that you can sell time and again. The promise we give to you of ‘world class, every time’ you can pass on to your customers with confidence.

We are open for business and love building long term relationships

If you would like to buy, sample or find out more about our product, please contact:

Steven Pryce
Sea Source Wholesale Manager
Email: steven@seasource.com
Tel: +44 (0) 2841 762 855

Thank you!