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Sea Source is a fishing co-operative based in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland. Wherever you see our logo you are guaranteed that the seafood you are buying is local, wild caught, sustainable and a fair price has been paid to the fishermen.

Where can I buy Northern Irish seafood?

If you are a wholesaler, buyer, chef or trade, click here.

If you are a member of the public in Northern Ireland, Ireland or outside of the Island of Ireland, details are below:

Where can I buy locally caught seafood in Northern Ireland?

All of the companies below are official Sea Source partners, which means they support our ‘Buy local to support our fishing communities’ campaign, for which they should be applauded as we recognise that, as businesses, they can often make better profits buying imported frozen seafood. All we can ask is that you do your bit to support them, by buying from them and encouraging others to do the same.

Look out for the logo! Official partners will display a certificate like this below:

Fishmongers & Seafood Shops in Northern Ireland

Sea Source Seafood Shop, Kilkeel
Ewing’s Seafoods | Belfast – further info

Fish & chip shops

John Long’s Fish & Chips | Belfast – further info
Millar’s Chippy | Newtownards – further info

Restaurants & eateries

The Harbour Inn | Annalong – further info


Casey’s Salmon | Strabane – further info
Elmore Fish | Belfast – further info
Keenan Seafood | Belfast – further info

Where can I buy Northern Irish seafood outside Northern Ireland?

Wholesalers click here
Chefs/eateries click here

Public – depending on your location and order size we might be able to help you from the Sea Source Seafood Shop