Preparing seafood is one of those riding a bike moments. If you’ve never done it before you gaze in wonder as other people ride around effortlessly and you desperately want to be like them. The first time you try you fall off and you think (a) it’s never going to happen and (b) you should probably never attempt it again. Your next attempt is full of wobbles and you may even dice with death. But you get the idea. 2 weeks later you’re doing it like a pro and have forgotten what all the fuss is about. Whether you’re at the gazing, wobbly or wanting to do it like a pro stage, we hope this page sets you on a path to glory, to take on your Everest.

Sea Source is a fishermen’s co-operative, so our cunning plan is simple – if we can help more people to prepare and cook fresh fish, then they’ll buy more fish – hopefully from local sources to support your local fishing communities. That’s the cunning plan 🙂

To help you get it right we have enlisted the help of our Sea Source “Filleting Guru in Residence” (we felt he needed a title), Hal Dawson. Here in Northern Ireland, and indeed on the Island of Ireland, Hal is a bit of a legend. He really knows his stuff. Check him out below teaching Jean-Christophe Novelli a thing or two on the Sea Source stand at The Balmoral Show:

How do I prepare seafood?

[Coming soon…] Hal’s ‘How to’ Guides, by Hal Dawson – our Filleting Guru in Residence
  • How to fillet mackerel – a simple guide on how to prepare mackerel for cooking
  • How to fillet cod – a simple guide on how to prepare mackerel for cooking
  • How to fillet haddock – a simple guide on how to prepare mackerel for cooking
  • How to fillet monkfish – a simple guide on how to prepare mackerel for cooking


Lessons & courses, by Hal Dawson

Full Filleting Training & up-skilling of new members of staff | Course Duration 3 Weeks

Assessment for time served filleters | Course duration, 5 days

Introduction to Fish Handling and Filleting Skills | Duration: Two Day Intensive Course

Introduction to Fish Handling and Filleting Skills | Course Duration: 4 Days for up to 5 Trainees / 5 Days for up to 8/10 Trainees


Seafood recipes & cooking preparation

Basic Guide to Grilling Fish by Sea Source

The grill is on but you have visions of the fire brigade appearing just in the nick of time to save the house, or serving up something that might as well have a heart beat. You can’t even spell the name of the fish, let alone cook it. If you have no idea how long each fish type takes to grill and how to prep the fish simply (+ you don’t want to meet the local firemen) – we hope our guide gets you sorted. Good luck!




Basic Guide to Baking Fish by Sea Source

Baked fish looks great on the telly doesn’t it! Rick Stein or Jamie peel back the foil, the steam whooshes out and you can practically smell the fragrances that take you back to you 2 week holiday to Thailand. You open your foil to find something that resembles the inner workings of a washing machine and you kinda feel sorry for the fish. Keen to get the basics right? Help is at hand….



Basic Guide to Shallow Frying Fish by Sea Source

So you’re looking at the fish, the fish is looking at you. You’re looking at the frying pan, it feels like it is also staring back at you. Panic, annoyance and tiredness start to kick in. You’re out of your depth and you know it, but you want to master this. [Drum roll…] – our guide + your dilemma = problem solved. Enjoy 🙂