Our Philosophy

Sea Source is a co-operative of fishermen from Northern Ireland, which means we are owned by our members. As such we are driven more by a philosophy than any major commercial objectives. Sure, we want to earn as much money as possible to be commercially successful, but we realise that in order to have a long term, sustainable (and commercially successful) model, the philosophy of the way we do it and why we are doing is key. Not just about what we do and where.

The brand is not just our logo, it’s the meaning behind it

We are a brand of our people. Cold hard economics often dictates that profit margins can be made at the expense of your labour force. But that doesn’t work for us. We invest in crew safety and lead in Human Rights at Sea, because the labour force is our families. We need to give the bread winners in our families the highest hourly rate possible. The only way we can afford to do this is to charge a premium for our seafood.

For people to want to pay a premium they must:

(a) seriously rate the product
(b) believe enough in the philosophy behind the brand and
(c) see, or achieve, a higher commercial value in taking that high end product to market with a ‘good for the world’ philosophy attached to it.

Which means, ultimately, that everyone attached to Sea Source, from the fishermen to the dock crew, to the processors to the sellers and distributors, needs to deliver on that. The onus is on us. The product needs to be ‘world class, every time’ – that’s our promise – or the sales will stop. If anywhere along the chain someone cuts a corner, or doesn’t care, then our promise is broken and the sales may dry up.

Not only that, but we also need to deliver on the promise of more money going direct into our communities. If we work hard and get it right, we prosper. We grow. Sea Source puts money back into our local projects, we support local people and we’re doing what we can to ensure that we help to build a solid foundation for our children, grandchildren and generations to come.

Our philosophy | our 6P’s

People, place, product, pride, philosophy, promise.

We look after our people, we promote our place [Northern Ireland], we produce a world class product, we have pride in our people/place/product, we never deviate from our philosophy of ‘doing it right to sustain our community’ and we promise to deliver a ‘world class product, every time’.

The Sea Source Statement (below) can be found on the walls of our factory and on our boats: