Fish & Chip Shops

Where can I eat the best Fish & Chips in Northern Ireland?

In this section you can find Northern Irish Fish & Chip shops that are certified Sea Source partners who have signed up to our campaign: “Buy local to support our fishing families” and who use Sea Source seafood. Which means they have the freshest, locally caught fish and so the BEST fish & chips. And that’s a fact!

As an official Sea Source partner the certificate below will be on display, which identifies that their seafood is:

  1. From Northern Ireland
  2. Wild caught
  3. Sustainable
  4. That a fair price has been paid for the seafood to the fishermen, which is going directly back into the fishing community that caught that seafood via Sea Source

Our partners have also signed up to our ambition to deliver to you a world class product, every time. We only work with the top fish & chip shops in Northern Ireland, so you’re guaranteed a cracking fish supper!

Look out for our ‘Official Sea Source Partner’ certificate:

How to support these fish & chip shops?

  • The more local fish suppers they sell, the more money local fishermen get. Simple as that!
  • If you enjoy your meal, please recommend the fish & chip shop to others
  • If you’re on social media rate/recommend them using the hashtag #seasourceNI – we’ll then pick this up and help to promote them further. Remember to add the chippies website address and social tags
  • The campaign hashtags are #seasourceNI and #NIseafood

Thank You!


John Long’s Fish & Chips | Belfast
39 Athol St, Belfast BT12 4GX
028 9032 1848
Links to John Longs page

Millar’s Chippy | Donaghadee
46 Donaghadee Rd
Newtownards BT23 7EU
028 9182 7788

Links to Millars page