Our Boats

Fishermen have been fishing our seas for centuries. In the mid to end of the 19th Century harbours were built in Kilkeel, Ardlgass and Portavogie, which not only enabled the fishermen to land their catch safely, but also created a structure for the Northern Ireland fishing industry that exists today. The principals of nets, bait and hard work haven’t changed much, not has the tradition of passing boats down through the generations. The boats, however, have got bigger, faster, better and more sophisticated.

In this section you can view all the boats. If you are here because you have seen one of our boats referenced on a product label, you can find out more about the history of the boat, the family which owns the boat and also see a photo of the person who pulled your seafood out of the water!

The Sea Source 6P Statement

Our ambition (and our promise) is to serve up a ‘world class product, every time’. To do this our fishermen sign up to delivering what we call our 6P’s: People, Place, Product, Philosophy, Pride and Promise. If we get all 6 of these right we will deliver on our promise, which in turn means customers will buy our produce for a fair price, which enables us to sustain, and grow, our fishing communities. At a time when we see declining fishing fleets and communities around the world, this is important to us.

Our boats and our skippers are proud to lead the way with Crew Safety and Human Rights at Sea. We are proud to maintain our wild caught, sustainable methods. We like to set the bar to which others strive to achieve. That’s the Sea Source way. So if you see one of our boats showing the Sea Source sticker, give them a wave or take a photo and give them a big positive mention on social media using the hashtag #seasourceNI.

Thank you!

You can view some of our boats by following the links below

Antares | B40
Benaiah IV | B350
Immanuel VIII | B78
Ocean Harvester | N273
Stefanie M | N718
Zenith | B470