Our Harbours

Our three harbours here on the East Coast of Northern Ireland are Ardglass, Kilkeel and Portavogie. All three have given refuge to seafarers on the Irish Sea for centuries, the port of Ardglass notably being Ulster’s busiest medieval port in the 15th century. Over time piers were built in all three which were developed into the harbours that you see today.

Harbours were first established in Ardglass in 1812, Kilkeel in 1853 and Portavogie later on in 1955. Over the years they have seen serious amounts of change. The modern day harbours, we’re pleased to say, are thriving, bustling places. We’re aware that we maybe buck the trend of many harbours and fishing communities around the world which are suffering decline, which is why the work of Sea Source is so important. Unless we can sustain a good catch, sold at a fair price, where profits go directly back into our community, we’re aware that we too may suffer the same fate.

But with plans for a new, bigger harbour in Kilkeel, continued demand for the world class seafood we catch off our coast and the growth in the global awareness of our exciting new seafood brand – we feel the future is in our hands and the sustainability of our harbours and our fishing communities for generations to come.

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