Our Fishing Families

Despite evidence of people fishing our waters for centuries, our fishing fleet is relatively young. We’re actually mostly descendants from farming families who gravitated to the sea shore with their farm equipment and tools to harvest the seaweed. It was only when the harbours of Ardglass (1812), Kilkeel (1853) and Portavogie (1955) appeared that the fishing fleets emerged locally and the fishing families began to get established. Ardglass was Ulster’s busiest medieval port and so locals with seafaring skills have been around since the 15th century. But it took the building of the early piers to protect the boats from the ferocity of the Irish Sea, that in turn became the footprint of the harbours, for the industry to really take off.

So whilst the industry, the boats and the modern techniques have changed, one thing that hasn’t changed are the people. The families. Grafters, hard working folk who take pride in what they do and are proud of where they come from. So this section of the site is about celebrating our families.

You may have come here having seen their name/faces on the stickers on the seafood you bought and want to find out more. In which case you are very welcome. All Sea Source boats sign up to delivering what we call our 6P’s: People, Place, Product, Philosophy, Pride and Promise. If we get all 6 of these right we will deliver on our promise – ‘a world class product, every time – which in turn means customers will buy our produce for a fair price, which enables us to sustain, and grow, our fishing communities. Because Sea Source is a membership organisation owned by the fishermen this means that profits go back into our community, meaning that our future is in our hands. So when you buy Sea Source you are sustaining the families you see here and, hopefully, our generations to come.

Thank you!