Community Projects

One of the founding principals of Sea Source, a fishermen’s co-operative, is to create profits to give back to our members and into our fishing communities. We recognise that whilst fishing is a big part of our community, in order to have a strong local economy and a sustainable future to hand over to the next generation, we need to do our bit as a local business to support the other parts of the community that in turn support us.

Sea Source Community Projects

We cover the arts, sports, education, food, health … through our local schools, community centres, nurseries, community groups, sports clubs and so forth. We also like to look out for individuals in need, talented youngsters who could do with a boost, families in need of support and projects where our small input can really add value or push the accelerator button. It’s often not just down to money. We have a vast network of skills and talents, folks who are happy to lend a hand in a way that can make a difference.

We’re delighted to be able to support local projects and people where we can and we invite you to come forward. Please bear in mind that we get quite a few requests and we can’t do everything. But if we can help, we will.

Sea Source sponsoring the RNLI Fishing Competition:


What are our criteria?

From our 6P statement: People, Place, Product, Pride, Philosophy and Promise we draw on People, Place, Pride and Philosophy to help us pick our projects. So try and show us how you tick these boxes when you approach us:

People & Place

Our focus is supporting people who live in and around our fishing communities of Ardglass, Kilkeel and Portavogie. Anything that helps promote or enhance these areas in a positive way or helps to accelerate their people or businesses is the sort of thing we are looking for.

Pride & Philosophy

These two also go hand in hand. Sea Source is very proud of where we are from, proud of the hard graft of our team and proud that we ‘do things right’. It’s therefore important that the projects we support are ‘done right’ – in the right way and for the right reasons. We want the world to look at our region, our people and our businesses with admiration and we want our own people to be proud and inspired.

Live community projects

  • The Sea Source Seafood Shop Live Art Wall – changes every 3 months, artists and art projects step forward!
  • Made in Mourne | theHUB | theSTUDIO – creative hub and commercial showcase in Kilkeel – start-ups, creatives and innovators get involved
  • Mourne Young [Filmmakers, Photographers, Designers, Coders, Creatives…] – we’re setting up pipelines into the local schools#