World Class Seafood from Northern Ireland

Over the years our seafood has often been casually described by top chefs and buyers as ‘world class’. But we have failed to capitalise on this.

Imagine the caviar scale. Real Beluga caviar from Russia, ‘world class caviar’, is £500 a tin. Low budget supermarket own brand fish eggs are £12 a tin. To charge an extra £488 you need to have something really special. Our langoustine prawns and scallops have both been described as world class due to their size and taste i.e. for the world’s top chefs to put them on a plate and charge top prices the size and quality matters. Yet, due to very few people around the world knowing where Northern Ireland is, let alone knowing the new positive story (changed from our past negative image), we have struggled to get the message out to rise up the Beluga scale. Our size and lack of budgets hasn’t helped.

Quotes like this below from Jean-Christophe Novelli really help us…

So, we’re on a mission. To (a) find out how high up the scale our seafood sits and (b) to get as many top chefs and influencers around the world to taste our seafood. We want to get a fair price for our produce. Compared to the rest of the world we are a low quantity, high quality product. Being able to stimulate legitimate demand at premium prices will ensure that we can continue to sustain our fishing methods and fishing community. Above all else, we’d love to know that our produce is being served up by some of the finest chefs on some of the best tables around the world.

We know we’re more up at the Beluga end of the scale and not down with the ‘fish eggs’ – we’d love to find out where we sit to help us establish the fair price for our fishermen.

Here’s how to get involved

  • We want top chefs from around the world to taste our produce and give us an honest rating. Simple as that. So if you’re one or represent one, please get in touch
  • If you have sampled Sea Source seafood and genuinely feel it to be world class, please share it socially tagged with #worldclassseafood and @seasourceNI