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Our campaigns

Below is a list of active campaigns that we run that you can get involved with. Most are live 24/7/365, meaning you can get involved any time. Every now and then we’ll do a PR stunt or some sort of activity to keep it all refreshed and we’ll invite you to get involved.

Some, like the ‘National Fish & Chip Day’, are annual or calendar events, other people’s events that we join in with. We believe ‘the more the merrier’. Our door is always open, so if you’d like to join in with anything, connect in!

Why do we do campaigns?

Most of our campaigns are based around promoting our people (fishermen and fishing communities), our place (Northern Ireland, Kilkeel, Ardglass and Portavogie), our product (our seafood: prawns, scallops and white fish) and the philosophy of ‘buying local to support fishing communities’. If more people try local seafood or decide to ‘buy local’, we will grow sales. More awareness of our communities means more visitors, tourists and local spend. More awareness of our talented locals means more jobs, more inward investment and generally helping to put us on the map. Which can only be a good thing.

How to join in

We’d love you to join in and help us to spread the word. We’re a small team, trying to achieve a lot on a small budget. So if you are in media, have a digital following or are able to promote us in some way, please get in contact – we’d love a push! If you’re a member of the public, a shop, association or anyone keen to get involved, click on the links below to find out what to do next. Where possible we try to use open-source hashtags and free-to-use downloadable images. Where possible we’ll promote what you do on our sites – so please make sure you let us know what you’re up to.

Thank you!

Our campaigns are below, click on the ‘get involved here >>’ link to go to the section about them



I love NI Seafood

This campaign aims to make more N.Irish folk aware of the amazing seafood we have local to them. When we’re at shows we often hear “WOW! Look at the size of those prawns!! Are they really from Northern Ireland???” “Those scallops are amazing – they are huge and so tasty – I didn’t realise they were local!” So it’s an awareness thing. Make more people aware of our amazing local seafood to help grow sales. We launched the “I love NI seafood” stickers, the hashtag #NIseafood  and also the #shellfieNI [shellfish selfie, we deploy at events with one of our langoustines].   Get involved here >>

Buy local | Support our fishing communities

This campaign uses the simple line “Buy local | Support our fishing communities #seasourceNI” to remind the N.Irish public that if they buy local seafood through Sea Source – our fishing co-operative where we catch, land, process, sell and distribute (meaning more money goes direct into our community) – that they really WILL do their bit to support fishing communities. Why buy frozen seafood from an overseas global corporate to feed profit margins often to the detriment of their fishermen, when you could buy tastier, fresher seafood direct from our local fishermen who will spend their money in local businesses and keep the local economies afloat? Brexit is uncertain, so let’s do our bit for these communities now… Get involved here >>

World Class Seafood from Northern Ireland

This campaign aims to categorise our seafood with the term ‘World Class’. The chef Jean-Christophe Novelli, other chefs, buyers from around the world and other ‘experts’ have often described our seafood as ‘World Class’. If we truly have world class produce then, on the ‘Basic to Beluga’ Caviar scale our langoustines and scallops in particular, might well be up at the Beluga end. If so, then we could become known as a high quality, low volume catch, meaning selling our produce at a higher price to enable us to get more money for our fishermen to help sustain our community for generations to come. Get involved here >>

Kilkeel | Fishing capital of Northern Ireland

With BREXIT comes great uncertainty for our fishing sector. It’s important that we take one clear voice and one clear message to the world. Many people around the world have never heard of Northern Ireland, let alone are aware of our seafood. By showing them our ‘Fishing capital’ and issuing an invite out we have a fighting chance of inviting some key players from around the world to visit us and hopefully making some new sales. Get involved here >>

National Fish & Chip Day

Sea Source is proud to supply some of the best fish & chip shops in Northern Ireland. This national campaign is the perfect vehicle to encourage more people to try fish and to put pressure on the best fish & chip shops to buy local. Get involved here >>