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By Tom Griffiths | 23rd November 2017

We want a Kilkeel Harbour that … Works!

The 5th Annual Dinner for the Kilkeel Harbour Works was a resounding success, held at the Harbour Inn Annalong. Fantastic food from chef Trevor Orr and his team, who made us feel very welcome.

The speeches were 100% on point. Sir Richard, in his own unique way, held the audience with both a witty but also extremely considered view on why the expansion of Kilkeel Harbour is not just wanted, but needed. Arlene Foster updated the audience with the Government position, continuing to pledge her personal support and giving an insight into the current position at Stormont. Alan McCulla, CEO, ANIFPO, summed up the event in his usual enigmatic and well thought out way.

Guest speakers Sir Richard Needham and the Rt Hon Arlene Foster