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By Tom Griffiths | 22nd November 2017

A genuine sea to plate experience!

Sea Source is a fishing co-operative based in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland. We catch, land, process and also sell the seafood in our Sea Source Seafood Shop on Newcastle Street, 2 minutes up the road from where we land it. Straight from the processing shed and into our shop. It doesn’t get any fresher than that!



How can I buy the freshest seafood in Northern Ireland?

If you follow us facebook and twitter social media feeds you’ll see our fresh catch update. Our fishermen let us know what is in the nets and what will be landed as it’s on the way in:

To receive Fresh Catch Update
How to buy direct from the Sea Source Seafood Shop

You can visit out website: or pop in if you’re in the neighbourhood. Call & Collect also available:

Buy Local | Support our fishing families

For over 150 years generations of families have been fishing our waters. We’re passing on our knowledge to our own children and building a foundation for the next 150 years. When you buy Sea Source you are supporting not just the fishermen from Northern Ireland, but also our families, our community, our way of life, our heritage and our future. Thank you!