Blog | Day in the life | 1949 Floating trawl tested for first time

By Leslie Campbell | 9th November 2017

The ‘Remembering when’ series

Taken from Belfast Newsletter, 13 August 1949


Two County Down fishermen experimenting with a new type of floating trawl caught 110 cran of herring off the Isle of Man coast on Thursday night, and landed them at Ardglass yesterday morning. Up to a few weeks ago all boats from Scotland and Ireland fishing for herring were equipped with ring or drift nets but as a result of this successful experiment many of them may commence using floating trawls. The two fishermen concerned in the enterprise are both from Annalong – Mr Victor Chambers owner of the fishing boat John Chambers and Mr Oddie owner of the Raingoose.

They heard earlier this year that Danish boats were having conspicuous success with a floating trawl invented by a Dane and in April went to Denmark to see it in use. They were favourably impressed, and placed orders which were delivered several weeks ago. The use of these trawls required certain alterations in the boat’s winding gear, and this, together with the fact that the trawls are suitable only for the bigger boats, may prevent many owners from adopting them. The floating trawl’s greatest advantage is that it can go after the herrings at a depth beyond the reach of the ring or drift nets.