Blog | Media | Kilkeel Harbour Expansion held up by Stormont impasse

By Tom Griffiths | 27th September 2017

Two articles out today:

Alan McCulla, CEO Sea Source & ANIFPO is quoted:

“It’s ironic and very disappointing that the fishing and seafood industry here which universally supports Brexit will see opportunities to benefit from greater freedom outside EU quota restrictions undermined by Northern Ireland’s current political problems,” ANIFPO chief executive, Alan McCulla said.

“The McCulloughs have invested in what is the most sophisticated vessel in the UK fleet against the background of planning for the expansion of Kilkeel harbour. We all expected the funding to be made available for this project that would have assisted the growth of the industry and the economic wellbeing of Kilkeel and south Down. It is entirely crewed from the local area. In fact, we are creating 13 new jobs in the vessel.”

“The McCullough family is fully committed to this region and want this hugely impressive vessel to be able to operate alongside the rest of the local fleet out of its home port, which could lead to additional employment in processing and other activities such as engineering and maintenance,” he added.

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